Offa’s Dyke Path, Day2 Bodfari to Clywyd Gate

Day 2 of 14 done and what an absolute doozy! We are talking 20 kilometers, 6 of the Moels (mountains) of the Clwydian Range, one steep sheep track (my mistake) and the highest point of the entire Offa’s Dyke Path… aka a doozy!

My day started a little later than my preference – the taxi driver, the very Peter of Peter’s Taxi, does a school kid drop of so could only get me for 845am. So my actual hike started at 930am after a 25min cab ride a short moment to post my Day 2 good mornin’ on @runningforthegate Instagram and IGTV.

Before leaving the Sarum House B&B with Peter, I was up early to grab my lunch and snacks at the co-op – including Prawn Cocktail crisps (chips) mmm. Then I enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the B&B before donning my sunnies (sun glasses) for the day! Yahoo sunshine in North Wales!

Right out of the gate, and by that I mean a kissing gate, I was heading up and up and up. I was not quite ready for the incline so my new buddy, Snaily McSlowerton was kicking my butt. In the end, my legs beat out his slime and I made my way up and over not just the first but all of the Moels today.

Some highlights of the first, Moel Pen-Y-Cloddiau at 440m or 1442 feet – those old prove to be the most gentle of all my climbs today.

From there it was my arch nemesis Moel Arthur at 456m or 1496feet. This one gave me so much trouble I am officially friends off with anyone named Arthur! Ugh the way up was ok but I could not find the descent and ended up on a very steep, there may have been tears – ok there was, on this sheep path from hell.

See that nice path that goes up out of the right of the car park .. that should have been my way down. Instead I came down that line of rocks/fence largely on my ass in prickle county! Ugh.

From there it was up and over Moel Dywyll at 472m or 1550feet which had a crazy incline up hill – like just straight up the Moel. Has anyone in Wales heard of switchbacks?

Then it was into Moel Famau with the Royal Jubilee Tower sitting on top of its 555m or 1820feet. I could see the squat building from the start of my morning calling my name and it looked SO far away! This is the highest point on the Offa’s Dyke Path and I put up a wee video on @runninforthegate Instagram that includes my attempt at capturing the amazing, panoramic scenery from atop this beauty. If you listen closely you can hear me laugh as I am almost pushed over from the wind!

From there it as down, down, down to just go back up and up to Moel Eithinen at 432m or 1425feet. Including a little spot to toss up the feet and have a wee lunch!

Once down from the last Moel, it was a nice jaunt across some pastures, and a very friendly face in my cab driver waiting for me. I had guessed a 5pm when I chatted with him that morning .. and it was 5:02! He got me to my lovely Sarum House B&B in about 10mins and I enjoyed a shower and my feet up with a tea more than I can tell ya!

Tomorrow is a longer day about 24km but I do finish off the mountain range with just a couple more and then a nice stroll (she laughs) into Dinas Bras where I stay next!


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