Amsterdam in 24 hours

Sunday, Sept 27-2015 – Arrive in Amsterdam 

  • Kili trekkers Paul & Hailey arrive from Edmonton via Toronto at noon
  • Kili trekkers Scott, Matt, Lance, Brande & Lance arrive from Vancouver at 10:30 am
  • Stretch our legs after our 10 hour flights
  • Join up at meet-up location in Arrivals section of Amsterdam Airport
  • Train direct from the Airport into central Amsterdam
  • Check into one of the very hip and very European style Quentin Hotels (aka very tiny rooms and beds, and shared bathrooms)
  • Enjoy the sights: Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, rent a bike, take a canal tour, eat waffles, eat fries with whip cream, visit a local brewery or maybe a couple, venture the Red Light District before its dark!!, and do whatever else takes our fancy!

Monday, Sept 28-2015 – Depart Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro

  • Brande wake up at o-dark-stupid for her morning run in the canals!!
  • All 7 Kili trekkers depart at 10:05 am for Kilimanjaro International Airport

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