Zimbabwe in 12 days

Adventure To-Do List: White Water Rafting, Victoria Falls, Canyon Swing, House Boat on Lake Kariba, and Harare 

Saturday, Oct 10-2015 – Arrive in Harare 

  • Sad: with some sister-sister tears between Hailey and Brande, 2 of our Kili trekkers leave us today (Paul & Hailey) to venture Zanzibar and more before heading back to Canada
  • Happy: with major excitement the rest of us Kili trekkers are carrying onto Zimbabwe and our good friends Ajay & Jenny are joining us from Canada on this day!
  • Arrive from Kilimanjaro at Harare International Airport at 10:30 am with Kenyan Airways (Jenny & Ajay meet up with us during our layover in Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Matt, Scott, Lana, Jenny & Ajay venture to an awesome rental home Lana arranged near the University
  • Brande & Lance visit with our nephew and his mom who live in Harare, I think we even get to go to a local Water Polo Tournament!

Sunday, Oct 11-2015 – Lake Kariba Houseboat 

  • Flight Harare to Lake Kariba with Air Zimbabwe
  • Arrive Lake Kariba at 10:30 am, and make our way to the harbour
  • Check in / board the Houseboat African Queen for 3 nights

Monday, Oct 12-2015 – Lake Kariba Houseboat 

  • Enjoying our first full day on the boat, maybe some fishing or some slow passes close to shore to see the hippos and crocodiles

Tuesday, Oct 13-2015 – Lake Kariba Houseboat 

  • Enjoying our second full day on the boat, maybe today is some more fishing, playing Cards Against Humanity and card games on deck

Wednesday, Oct 14-2015 – Lake Kariba to Victoria Falls 

Thursday, Oct 15-2015 – Victoria Falls, Devil’s Pool 

  • Livingstone Island Tour for High Tea – sounds quite refine doesn’t it? Well part of that event is visiting Devil’s Pool
  • Devil’s Pool is where you float in the rushing waters of Victoria Falls as you look over the 103 m drop of the falls (cannon ball anyone?)
  • Devil’s Pool is on the Zambia side of Zimbabwe

Friday, Oct 16-2015 – Victoria Falls, Canyon Swing 

  • Bridge Swing with Victoria Falls as our backdrop
  • A simple 80 m free fall, nothing to be scared of right?
  • Change underwear post swing, yikes!

Saturday, Oct 17-2015 – Victoria Falls, White Water Rafting

  • White Water Rafting down the Zambezi river fed by Vic Falls
  • This is just an easy Class 5 White Water Rafting venture. Is this the time to mention that in North America you are not allowed to offer Class 5 rapids as a commercial venture!?
  • Why worry about Class 5 when its the crocodiles that are the real prob!

Sunday, Oct 18-2015 – Harare 

  • Flight Vic Falls to Harare with Air Zimbabwe
  • Arrive at 4:40 pm
  • Check in to the rental vacation home Lana arranged for 3 nights

Monday, Oct 19-2015 – Harare 

  • Check out all of the great sights of Harare
  • Brande & Lance will go visit his mom who lives just hours away

Tuesday, Oct 20-2015 – Harare 

  • Another day of Harare sight seeing
  • Brande & Lance will go visit some more family and friends around town

Wednesday , Oct 21-2015 – South Africa Here We Come  

  • Flight Harare to Johannesburg with South Africa Airlines
  • Arrive at 10:30 am and pick up our rental 9-seater Van
  • Drive Johannesburg to Durban, 600 km ….

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