What the Santiago? 

Yup, yup, yup – another adventure is in the works for these Running for the Gate gals! So exciting!

We are off to see what all this Camino fuss is about in September … but in classic Lana y Brande style we are doing it mash up style. Instead of walking one Classic Camino, we are doing the best of many. The best of the France Camino, the classic Spain Camino, the Portugal Camino, and for good coastal sunshine measure the Finesterre Camino too. More details on the exact Camino Mash Up Itinerary of Awesome coming soon.

We depart Aug 25 for at least 25 days of walking, covering what we think will be about 580kms by our own two feet (well four feet really there are two of us) and then back on Sept 30. A little hip, hop, skip, jump, hike, blister, laugh, whirlwind tour.

Guess this means I better finish my Kilimanjaro blog posts – I still owe you day 5, 6 and 7. Coming soon.