Beautiful Burgos

Yesterday was a purpose built break day from walking for us – and instead a fabulous, perfect and an altogether wow day in Burgos, Spain!

Our Camino Adventure has been planned around the sections of the Camino in Spain and in Portugal we want to walk AND being able to spend a day in Paris (complete), a day in Burgos (complete), a day in Leon (on our way), and some days in Porto, Lisbon and Lagos too. A well rounded adventure really!

Yesterday was our Burgos day and here are really just a few of the highlights from the day and the beautiful city ..

First it started with a real breakfast. No, no we didn’t find a albergue who knew what a breaky protein was – rather we took matters into our own hands and made our own breakfast in the shared kitchen. Mmmm eggs and meat and cheese and yum!

Then we headed down to the bus station to catch the 50min bus from Estella to Pamplona – while waiting we had our first coffee con leche (latte) of the day in the sunshine.

From the bus station in Pamplona we grabbed a quick taxi over to the Pamplona train station for a 2hr train to Burgos. The weather in Pamplona was 21 but it was cloudy and felt freezing – we were keen to train it outta there to warmer Burgos climate! A fleece in Spain in September felt just wrong!

Reaching Burgos it was a quick 30min bus into the main, ole central part of the city. We soon found out it was basically the most gorgeous city ever. I felt like we were on some amazing moving set or a Spanish version of Main Street in Disneyland. Honest, check these out:

After meeting a few locals we made our way to a front row table in the main plaza (Plaza Mayor) to do some people watching and sight seeing via chair with wine glass.

There was a wedding in that massive church and they were going crazy with firecrackers and streamers and confetti when the bride and groom came out – it was awesome, much more fanfare than the adorable bubbles at my wedding which I loved! Shortly after, the 100s of people at the wedding came walking though the plaza all dressed to the 9s. We enjoyed the fashion show while sipping a red for me and white for Lana.

We wrapped up our evening with a small dinner (tongue in cheek) at La Mafia – yup an Italian place in Spain with The Godfather as their logo. Who could resist!

Oh and did I mention we kicked it up a notch and treated ourselves to a real hotel!?

It is just amazing! No other pilgrim sounds, our very own bathroom, we could spread our stuff out, had a key to a door not a disposable sheet to a bed handed to us when checking in. Our view from a baby terrace was amazing (one of the pics above). Luxury really! And oh the sleep was amazing – I feel like a new women / pilgrim!

We are up and at em again today for a morning here in Burgos then the evening in Leon as tourists before returning to pilgrims tomorrow.

Buen Camino!

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