Mother City from the Table Top 

Well for the past week we have been  watching the Table Mountain website of beautiful Cape Town to pick the best time to head up the famous cable car for a 360degree view of the ‘Mother City’.

After days of either “closed due to adverse weather conditions” (aka gale force winds) or “open” but with a disclaimer that it is cold with visibility limited and windy (yuck no thanks) – we finally looked this morning and the heavens were singing. The conditions were hot, full visibility, light breeze, open – here we go! 26degrees yahoo!

So with a 25min warning we left the beach house, made the 45min amazing Chapman’s Peak coast road drive from Kommetjie to Table Mountain, sat in the 45 min line (and we even bought tickets online to speed up the process), paid the 240 SA Rand so about 24 CDN, and finally we were up and on our way! Keep you hands and arms inside the cable car folks!

The views were amazing. Even from the way too packed cable car they were great – the floor rotates! Up top you have all the time in the world to waltz about on awesome groomed paths taking pictures in every direction! Check it out ….

Amazing really and these are just my iPhone photos – you should the goodness on my DSLR camera of awesome.

The view from the top is totally worth it, even if you have to pretend to enjoy being shuffled about as a tourists with hundreds of others in the cable car up and down this amazing mountain!


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