Birds in Tuxedos! 

Today was epic – we met a whole bunch of little dapper, super cute birds. Sometimes called Penguins and here specifically called the African Penguin.

There were about a 100 of these little guys all lazing about, or swimming, cuddling, sleeping or just plain old molting all around Boulder’s Beach here in Cape Town! Just 20mins from our beach house.

Basically they are too adorable for words so I will instead dazzle you with cute pics of the little guys and some pretty humourous signs we found as well.

Don’t worry, we checked and there were no tuxedo birds under our car!

What a great bunch of birds – as cute as they are though there is a bit more poop / fish smell than I would have thought. For being so fancy they should have better bathroom manners haha

I ‘heart’ penguins!



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