South Africa Garden Route is Amazing! 

 Wow and again wow.

We have just completed a lengthy but amazing and well worth it drive from Johannesburg down to Durban and then over to Cape Town where we spend the last of this adventure!

Some stats from our road trip adventure:

  • almost 36 hours driving
  • three days in Durban, a night in Port Elizabth, a night in Oudsthoorn, a couple nights in Hermanus
  • a few too many chicken pies for lunch (or breakfast) enroute
  • lots of laughs on the road
  • well deserved post drive pints  post all day drive
  • riding an ostrich
  • atleast 40 ‘ hurts do nuts’ (long story)
  • 2 different Quantum Toyotas (hedalgo, and hedalgo 2.o)
  • 18 glasses of wine with 18 pints of beer with a blue eyed husky in observation
  • 2 boogie boards (with much salt water drunk while laughing)
  • No wireless
  • 4 sea kayaks
  • Whales, penguins, seals, shy shark and grumpy Dussies (aka Scott’s  kindred spirits)
  • One Terrior dog named Terri
  • Too many gas stations and way too many pick and pay supermarkets
  • An almost riot / civil unrest
  • Too many Fantas
  • One gun ( no joke )
  • 2 big spiders
  • Too many silver fish
  • Lots of braais (BBQ) with way too much rice and the resulting meat sweats
  • 2 near miss head on collisions
  • 1 Hooters visit ( don’t judge us, there were playing the World Cup Rugby semi final and had ‘Big Daddy’ beer)
  • Lots of bedroom ants complete with no air conditioning and some random-not-our-body-hair in the sheets
  • Squall storm driving
  • Lots of card games, bananagrams, monopoly and a Cards Against Humanity game
  • Many morning runs
  • Lots of Gravol
  • Full Percy Jackson series read by many
  • Defending garbage against a troop of 20 monkeys
  • Way too much time on mapquest
  • Never ending Seinfeild references
  • A Ferris wheel

Well that’s probs enough to give you a good picture of the Garden Route, but here are some photos of this amazing route as well.
















Did I already say wow!?

We are now in an amazing beach house in the suburb called Kommetjie in Cape Town for our last week. Stories of beach time to come shortly!


PS I sure am craving me some aisle 5 scallop potatoes …. 🙂

One thought on “South Africa Garden Route is Amazing! 

  1. That sounds so cool! ❤ That you all are reading Percy J! So good. Your long drive/trip sounds dangerous, you better be careful or you'll be hearing from me!!!!!! The pictures are so beautiful. MISS YOU SO MUCH BIG SISTER! Hope your having the funnest of fun! Happy Halloween!

    p.s. almost done the early years. You know the dirt we wanted on Halt and Pauline. Well, we got it and it is hillarious. Halt turns into a stuttering, blushing idiot 🙂
    "They left? I wanted to say goodbye to Halt….. And Crowley, of course. Halt and Crowley."~Pauline
    Oh it was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! +you gotta start reading the Ascendance trilogy by Jennifer Neilson. SO AMAZING! OK, bye


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