Wifi vs Monkey Business

The wifi situation here in beautiful Africa is not for the faint of technical heart. Or those who have committed to keeping their blog updated with travel stories as a way to stay in touch with family, friends and followers.

I would apologize but it’s honestly not my fault – I blame monkeys and the wifi tom foolery! Monkeys, yup! I am for real!

The little fuzzy cuties broke the phone and electrical lines at our 4 night Durban, South Africa accommodation!

They use them as a tight rope to go from house to house to avoid the dogs yapping at them from ground level. The phone company had to come out and do a total repair! Don’t believe me? Well here is some proof via photo or you can check out my Facebook or Instagram account for a video of those cheeky monkeys tight roping across using their tail as a balance point!

monkey right rope


Now once the line was fixed, the wifi was still a mess and yet I didn’t even care because the little dudes where so entertaining!

Look at them here sitting on the roof just above our bedroom window, or on the roof just checking out the neighborhood:

Monkeys sitting on the roof above our bedroom window

Monkeys sitting on the roof above our bedroom window

Monkey waiting for an opportunity to check out the garbage.

Monkey waiting for an opportunity to check out the garbage.

Ok and my absolute favourite … All these pictures of monkeys are from ‘garbage day’ in Dubran where we were staying in the ‘Bluff’ community. Most pics were taken as I defended our garbage to keep the monkeys away before the truck came to pick up the bags and before I could take off for my morning run. Well just shortly before I left for my run, the Monkey’s got the better of me and managed to tear into the garbage. What they stole was a bag of chips called ‘Monkey Gland’ flavor. Serious I am not making this up. It’s like an HP sauce. Well a monkey eating monkey gland flavor chips sent me and fellow garbage defender Lana into a total giggle moment!

Monkey going for the Monkey Gland chips!

Monkey going for the Monkey Gland chips!

Monkeys! Too funny!

While the monkeys are one of my favourite experiences in Durban, overall the city was great too! We had an awesome AirB&B house in the Bluff, has a kick butt Braai (BBQ), went boogie boarding with the hubby, and had a day at the water slides that included a lazy river ride past a shark tank!

We are now on our Garden Route adventure to Cape Town and it’s already pretty damn epic! Tomorrow we are going to Monkeyland and doing a short ‘hike’!


2 thoughts on “Wifi vs Monkey Business

  1. Monkeys! Are those Monkey Gland chips for real? That’s just gross. What do they taste like? Don’t say monkey because I won’t believe you. I wish I had a monkey! Miss you sister. School is so busy! Having a Halloween party with some friends though so that should be fun! What are you doing in Africa for Halloween?! Stay safe and take your Ebola pills or something.


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