Adventure Officially in Progress

Well that took way to long but also just as long as expected!

I left my front door at noon on Friday June 24 in Vancouver BC to arrive at my first night away (Beaches Hotel) at 9pm in Prestatyn Wales. Just 25 hours – not to bad considering it involved a taxi (45mins), a plane (1hr), another plan (8hrs), a very long bus ride (6hrs), and one final taxi(1.5hrs).

But crazy enough – and I still can’t believe it – everything went exactly as planned. I love when that happens! Customs was long but efficient, my bag arrived, it took about 3mins to switch my over to UK, and I got a window front seat on the bus. A good omen for the rest of the trip, for sure!

The day/night travel and time change are messing with my brain mind you. To quote the last taxi driver who kindly said ‘you look right knackered dear’. Yup that is exactly how I feel – but smiling!

I was hoping for a nice meal and a pint to wind down but the food is a bust (they stopped serving at 8:45 no surprise there). Although the pint is in progress and yummy. Made even more amazing with this view …

I took a little stroll to stretch the taxi, plane, bus legs and wow so beautiful. Tomorrow morning, I start my day’s walk on this beachside promenade right outside my hotel.

A few observations of the day …

  • Sitting beside a 10yr old on the plane Calgary to London gives you fantastic shoulder room but may not be worth it when you end up with the piping hot coffee all over your lap when he randomly kicks out in his sleep.
  • I am reminded a highway in Canada is very different than most highways in UK …ours do not include a small, vintage towns every few kilometers that have at least one traffic circle. Green in the gills!
  • West Jet offers complimentary alcoholic beverages on long haul flights, and a pillow and a blanket. Yes please!
  • Also did you know a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich is a thing? It is, and yummy as all heck. I was skeptical but now sold.

Ok enough tired rambling! I am off to my room to get organized for tomorrow’s hike … 21km, Prestatyn to Bodfari tomorrow with 70% rain in the morning. Sounds great!

Hmm wonder if should eat the complimentary shortbread cookies in my room and have a tea for my super. Why wouldn’t ya?!


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