Wrapping up in Glasgow

Well that’s us – trip complete. We wrapped up our adventure lovingly called the Haggis, Hops, Hiking and Hilarity by our crew yesterday with a final day of travelling about seeing the sights.

We started with a delicious breakfast at Wanderlust Cafe in Edinburgh – highly recommended! About dead centre on the Royal Mile with a very cool orange sign with a compass logo. The inside of the place was decorated all travel like – we loved it!

From there we made our way to the train station and hitched a ride on a locomotive from Edinburgh Waverly Station to Glasgow Queen Street Station. At Queen Street we checked our bags in at Left Luggage for a few pounds and then hopped on another locomotive to Stirling.

We hopped onto the Stirling 1324 Bus for 4.50pounds that that goes on a circle around the major attractions (Stirling Castle, National Wallace Monument, Stirling Bridge, and more) all day and you can hop off and hop on as much as you like.

We hoped on and headed for the National Wallace Monument (aka ode to William Wallace)! The monument is a massive tower that has 5 floors dedicated to telling the story of the battle at Stirling Bridge all connected with a very steep, windy staircase that I in no way enjoy! But the view from the top platform and all the awesome history is totally worth it!

From here we hopped back on the bus and headed to Stirling Castle and some lunch at the Portcullis Pub – they have toasties (grill pressed sandwiches of deliciousness) and cold pints mmmm

Now off the Stirling Castle – this place is also pretty awesome. Lots to see and the views from the parapet are amazing.

After the Castle we walked the 1km to the Stirling rail station – the town is so fabulous we could not resist taking more photos as we waltzed down the hill. Amazing all the old stone – we just love reading the date of the buildings.

We caught the express train from Stirling Rail Station back to the Queen Street Station where we grabbed our bags again and made our way the 10mins to our home for the night, the Merchant City Inn. We had a quad room – a room with 4 single beds and our very own bathroom. This was particularly nice for our crew after being in a hostel for 2 nights where we shared the bathroom with all the people. I am too old to share bathrooms I think lol

After dropping our bags and a quick freshen up, we went in search of the amazing building murals Glasgow boasts – Shar marked them all on city map and we had a bunch within like a 10min walk. Yahoo – off we went with Shar as our tour guide. We gave her a solid 4 out of 5 stars for the tour. The pouring rain cost her a star.

We finished our evening with an awesome meal and some pints at Bar Home and heading back to the Inn to prep for an early morning taxi to the airport. Our meal may have included Deep Fried Haggis Bites and Max & Cheese with Chorizo Pizza. What!? To die for!

We are now onboard our flight and heading home – an amazing adventure with an epic crew!


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