Hola Mexico 

Taking a little break from our Mount Kilimanjaro posts, to tell you about my current, exciting excursion to Cancun, Mexico. 

Me and the hubby are here at the Grand Bahia Principe Coba for 7nights with my mom, stepdad, stepsister, sister and her boys (my 2 nephews and her man), the sisinlaw and her daughter. 

So far I can conclude the following: 
1) the emergency exit row leg room is shy of heaven – and this wife is on the ‘best wife ever’ list for snagging it at check in 

2) West Jet as usual has impressed with their service and such friendly staff

3) that these little raccoon / lemur / ant eaters / bears are basically as cute as can be and I want one (actually called Coatis, and I would name home Ralph Racolemantbear)

4) having a logic model design for a university course due at midnight the day you land in Mexico is not fun
5) the infamous (me thinks the correct reference already) Zika virus carrying mosquitos are creating quite a conversation buzz but judging by the sheer number of pregger ladies on this flight it’s not as scary to some as others 

6) going for a hard run and not stretching before sitting on a plane for 5+ hours makes for some seriously sore hammies 

7) the Grand Bahia Principe result here in Cancun is pretty much an exact replica of the one in Dominican Republic – why change a good thing! 

8) the guacamole must be crack cause this girl cannot get enough of it – I made withdrawal therapy

9) some people truly do not understand that the personal space you should afford a stranger in public is the same when that same stranger and you are in a Buffett in proximity to each other. I cannot believe how many times someone has literally tried to take a serving tong from my hands for food that is overflowing from the serving dish – did you think I was gonna eat it all? Ok that is possible but all the same 

10) I love me a vacation with my sister for the laughs and I have a running partner! 

11) this girl could sit at a poolside all darn day everyday if given the chance – if anyone would like to fund that enterprise drop me a line


PS If any of my soccer gals are reading this … Go Diamonds! I do love me a pool side margarita but in my heart I would rather be toughing it through our cup game against the Millers 

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