Mount Kilimanjaro – Track Our Progress

IMG_2758We are off to the complete our 7 day  / 84 km journey through 5 distinct climates, at the cost of an average 4 toenails each, up and over the highest mountain in Africa.

Would you like to track our progress? Or even virtually climb with us over this big rock? Well let us make that happen for you!

Team Kilimanjaro Blog:

Visit the Team Kilimanjaro Blog and you will see the updates and pictures our lead guide Leonard posts from his satellite phone on the Mountain while we are climbing. Yup, as we progress up the mountain and down again, Leonard and team will update the blog when able with the latest on our progress.

Team Kilimanjaro Blog

Team Kilimanjaro Blog

Open the link above, and once we are on the mountain our team will be featured on the home page. Our section will have the latest picture from the mountain and also have our reference HS-BRDA x 7. We may be unrecognizable after days without a shower so hang on to that reference. If you can’t see us this way, go to the right hand side and change Machame to TK Rongai and hit ‘view’.

Team Kilimanjaro – Track a Climber Google Map: 

Visit the Team Kilimanjaro – Track a Climber Google Map and you will be able to follow our little icon up and over the mountain, see which camp or major landmark we are at and more. Our guide Leonard will have a satellite device that sends in coordinators to our position so the map is updated in real time!

Track a Climber

Team Kilimanjaro Track a Climber

Open the link above, and look on the left side for HS-BRDA x 7. When you click on HS-BRDA x 7 the map will zoom in on our group and even put a little spotlight on our icon. How cool is that? I want to track us being tracked! Oh and that coffee mug is not a Starbucks, its a Ranger hut and they sometimes have Coca Cola to sell and its not on our route (sad face).

Team Kilimanjaro – Encourage the Climbers

Climbing this mountain is no easy feat and they say most climbers who attempt it can physically do the climb, feel good enough at altitude to do the climb but they just don’t have the will, heart, mind or matter strength to finish the slog.

Team Kilimanjaro Encourage The Climbers

Team Kilimanjaro Encourage The Climbers

Sending love, encouragement, motivational messages, and even heckling on who can make it up to summit would go a long way for all of us!

Visit our page on the Team Kilimanjaro Blog and scroll to the bottom below the latest update and any pictures that our guide has posted and you will find a comment box. Your comment will be posted on our page and read to us by our Guide next opportunity he has to access the site by cellular service or satellite!

A big thanks for all of your support as we planned our crazy adventure!


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