Talking About Elephants

What would you be focused on with just 11 sleeps to go before you depart on an epic 6 week African adventure that includes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

Well Lana Rae and I are talking about … elephants.

We are not spending our time texting about clearly ‘important’ stuff like how our hiking boots fit, our packing lists, vaccinations, entry visas, or even final itinerary planning. We are talking about elephants. Still a pretty important topic considering we are heading to a place with elephants!

Well importance implies a level of sophistication and as with most text conversations between me and Lana they may not be all that sophisticated or even mature but they are funny as all get out. Recognizing of course that humour, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder  – so we leave the level of hilarity up to you to decide. For Lana and I there is often actual laughing out loud when we are texting.

Here are our elephant texts for your giggling pleasure:

“Also, I’m thinking elephant safari – takes about 1.5 hours riding an elephant and the ostrich?”  (Lana)

“Riding elephant scares me more than shark cage – weird?!?!”  (Brande)

“Totally weird! They can’t even eat you nor do they want to!! And it’s a friendly elephant place that doesn’t use pokers. Although they have rehabilitated grouchy elephants …”  (Lana)

“Rehabilitated grouchy elephants. Dude! What if I remind them of their bad owner and the trample me or put me in a trunk head lock! You watch I will get the one called Karma and she will be a reckoning. I am carrying peanuts just in case! And a mouse!” (Brande)

“Ha ha!! I will carry a watermelon .. Mine will be named Squeakers and lift me up like a princess!!!!” (Lana)

Basically we are ridiculous and we love it!


Squeakers the Elephant and Princess Lana and Karma the Elephant and a trunk head-locked B


PS Did I mention only 11 sleeps?

PSS Yes you read about an ostrich ride above – more details to come on that and the shark cage reference in an upcoming blog post.

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