Slogging it Up!

Top of the BCMC

Lance (husband), Brande (me) and Matt (stunt double) from left to right at the top of the BCMC

Another great day on the trail training for Mount Kilimanjaro!

Well you may not be surprised that I couldn’t resist my new favourite trail the BCMC on the North Shore of Vancouver this weekend – the weather was too nice to resist and with only 54 sleeps to Africa, getting some upward hiking boot time was the right and great thing to do.

And upward it is! By the count on my Fitbit we are talking 3.84km or 9,000 steps up and by quarter way into it you are aware of each of those steps!

BCMC Trail

BCMC Trail – Lance and Matty slogging it up!

I did it in 2hrs 14mins that’s faster than last time a couple of weeks ago yahoo! The boys clearly were not practicing the Mount Kilimanjaro mantra ‘pole, pole’ (slowly, slowly) like I was. Lance beat me by 40mins and Matt by 20mins. I don’t have the wheels to beat those boys but I do like what a little competition did for my time!

A post climb top of the mountain selfie, gondola down and a pint on a patio by the marina after – a perfect Saturday in my books!


PS only 54 sleeps

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