Maybe He Is Into This

Sometimes I wonder if my husband just might be into this Mount Kilimanjaro thing way more than he lets on …

For those of you who know me (Brande) and my husband (Lance) you can skip the next couple paragraphs; you know all I am about to say about Lance and hiking. For those of you who don’t know us or don’t know us as well – keep reading, I am going to give you a glimpse into what hiking means in our relationship.

In a nutshell – Lance hates walking. He just doesn’t get it. Why would you walk to walk, hike to hike, or pick a random hill to just walk up and over for absolutely no reason? Do you have an actual destination? Couldn’t a car or plane get us there? Why wouldn’t you just play a sport? If there is no ball, no rules, and no competition then there is no Lance. Fair enough, he likes his sports and everyone has their own passions.

Here is the rub however –  this husband has a wife who loves, loves, loves hiking! Her heart beats in time with her hiking boots – no joke, it is her happy place. This works out fine for Lance and I usually, we do our own thing and then meet on the deck for dinner talking about his rugby game and my hike. We are each other’s biggest fans.

Then one fine day his wife says “I need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro”.

My hiking world and Lance officially collide!

As a hubby, you cannot imagine seeing your wife walk up and over a mountain, through the death zone of altitude where you take in 50% less oxygen than you need, in the middle of East Africa, without you at her side as support and encouragement. So he bought some boots, a backpack and assortment of other hiking necessities, signed the waiver, and he is walking, hiking, climbing up that mountain for me and with me! Wow!

Now, Lance does not think he will enjoy it much but he does think it is a pretty epic opportunity. His level r lack of enjoyment has not registered with me yet; I am still all melty goo-goo ga-ga deeper in love with him for doing this with me.

Enough of the mushy love stuff …

Osprey Backpack broken

The amazing Osprey Backpack broken.

The other evening Lance and I were on one of our hill-training walks (up and down big hills in all of our Mount Kilimanjaro gear in our neighbourhood) when I discovered the right strap on my backpack was a few threads from busting – literally.

Gasp! Scream! Denial!

Kick and punch at the air dramatically!

Nooooo! This is my amazing, much loved, molded to my spine, heavens open and sing when I am wearing it Osprey Backpack!

This backpack has been with me through at least 1,000 kms of trails in Canada, Scotland, Wales, England, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, and the United States since our paths met by divine fate at the Robinson’s Outdoor Store in Victoria, British Columbia the summer of 2008. (best store ever by the way!!)  I am NOT ready to let go of this pack, in fact, I kind of refuse !

{Not to mention, I am super cheap and about to go on a very expensive African adventure and I am not spending $150+ bucks on a new backpack 65 sleeps from departure.}

Osprey Backpack fixed.

The amazing Osprey Backpack fixed and ready to roll again!

Well it seems Mr. Lance Romance is so excited about our training for and the actual Mount Kilimanjaro climb; that the very next day he went out and found a tailor who fixed it right up ship-shape and even reinforced the other side for me. Hmm this makes me wonder a couple of things ….

Does this mean Lance is more into the training, the mountain and this hiking thing than I think?


Does this mean I would stress about my pack for days, and the best way to get me out of melt down mode was to go and get it fixed and get me back outta the house training again so he could have back his peace and quiet when watching some international rugby game on TV ?

I think its door number 1. Definitely.


65 sleeps to go!

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